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Topsy, the realtime social analytics provider, partnered with Twitter and two respected polling firms to create the Twitter Political Index — a daily measurement of Twitter users’ feelings towards the US presidential candidates as expressed on Twitter. With the world’s largest public index of social media posts, Topsy has developed accurate sentiment analysis by studying over 100 billion tweets.

About the Index

Topsy calculates the daily Index for each of the presidential candidates taking into account both the mentions of the candidate’s last name (i.e. ‘obama’ and ‘romney’) and any direct mentions of the candidate’s official Twitter account (i.e. @barackobama and @mittromney). The Twitter Political Index values are shown beneath each candidate in the screen shot below, ranging from 0 to 100.

Twitter Election Hub

Topsy evaluates sentiment for all terms mentioned on Twitter each day, then compares how positively the candidates are talked about to calculate their sentiment score. Think of it as a percentile score; if a candidate has a score of 80, tweets about that candidate were more positive than roughly 80% of all other terms mentioned on Twitter. This greatly increases the accuracy of Topsy’s sentiment analysis.

Validated by Respected Polling Firms

The Index is built in partnership with Twitter and two respected polling firms that helped validate and tune the algorithms: The Mellman Group (@markmellman) and North Star Opinion Research (@northstaropin). The trend in Twitter Political Index scores for President Obama over the last two years often paralleled his approval ratings from Gallup polls, frequently even hinting at where the poll numbers are headed.

About Topsy

Topsy is a realtime analytics platform powered by the social web. Every day, Topsy indexes, measures and live-ranks links, comments, pictures, videos and web pages from over a 400 million social posts to bring consumers and businesses the most relevant content and most valuable metrics from the social web.

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