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Obama vs Bieber – the Power of Twitter

May 10, 2012

In a rare turn of events, President Obama was referenced more on Twitter on May 9th at Noon PDT than Justin Bieber (by a whopping factor of 8). All joking aside, this spike in mentions is hard to miss, even when compared to the darling of the Twittersphere – Bieber.

What caused this spike you ask? It was a result of a long-awaited speech by Obama endorsing same-sex marriage. This speech just so happened to be conveniently timed a day after the news out of North Carolina where the electorate overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment to define marriage as “between and man and a woman.” This spike in activity is depicted above with the red and green lines.

The sentiment around Obama’s well-timed speech was overwhelmingly positive with his sentiment score taking off a couple hours before the speech and then peaking during the speech as computed by Topsy’s Twitter Sentiment algorithm.

Not one to be shy from using social media, the President tweeted out his support as well.  This was retweeted over 47,000 times and was quickly a Top 100 Post on



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